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HTJ Works Gold Haze Fuzz Germanium & Silicon

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The GOLD HAZE fuzz is a simple model with layered transistor amplification, but it is a very easy-to-use fuzz that produces a solid sound even by itself.

Designed with plenty of headroom and gain for powerful distortion sounds.
The main feature of the product is the hybrid type that combines germanium and silicon transistors, and the gorgeous high range that can be obtained by performing each role is attractive.
The main element is a germanium transistor that emits an unstable but attractive tone, and multiple silicon transistors are arranged to support it and obtain a stable gain.
In addition, various character changes are possible by operating GeBIAS.
It is possible to simulate the same sound as the FUZZ FACE, but it is a unique circuit configuration that does not apply to the so-called reissue FUZZ.

It is highly recommended for guitarists who are active in a wide range of fields, as it is easy to blend in with contemporary music and can be used in band ensembles.

This product is a through-bypass specification that does not pass any circuits.
Input gain adjustment. You can naturally boost the original sound
Adjusts the amount of distortion. It is a specification that suddenly distorts after 3 o'clock.
Turn left for fuzzy, right for modern and detailed.
high frequency adjustment. Variable from bass to bright treble.
Adjust the volume level. big headroom.

-Product features-
・Hybrid type fuzz pedal that utilizes the characteristics of germanium and silicon.
・By manipulating GeBIAS, you can create a wide range of sounds, from classic fuzzy sounds to intense and detailed distortion sounds.
・SUSTAIN is a pre-gain role, and is set by the type of PU and the presence or absence of front and rear boosters. The default is around 12:00.
・One of the features of GOLD HAZE is how the Bell Tone in a clean setting.

・Size 62×118×39 mm
・9V Battery
・Through bypass
・White LED

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