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Herdim Nylon Guitar Pick U2s The Edge Favorite Blue 10-pack

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This is the original design pick that U2s Edge plays and in a 10-pack

How much praise can musicians lavish on something as small and simple as a guitar pick? Just ask them about the Herdim Nylon Guitar Pick and you'll find out.

Made in Germany since 1960, the Herdim Standard Nylon guitar pick has a raised dimple pattern for a sure grip. To sound like the Edge of U2, turn the Herdim pick upside down and play the strings with the wide end of the pick, letting the dimples contact the strings. Musicians love not only sounding like they're playing a solo for one of the most famous rock bands ever, but also appreciate the versatility the Herdim pick provides. These picks also have a reputation for lasting a long time and taking a lot of use.

The Herdim pick comes in three sizes: Thin yellow is .63 millimeters, medium red is .87 millimeters, and medium blue is .87 millimeters.

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