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GigRig ABY Baby

1995 :-
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Compact perfection for using two amps in any combination, offering phase control and isolation for ultimate noise-free flexibility.

How is this different from QMX2?

Quartermaster QMX2 can be used as an ABY switcher, however it does not have integral phase correction and isolated outputs. This is a dedicated ABY switcher. QMX 2 is primarily a two-loop strip switcher for effects.

Is output B true bypass or buffered?

It's buffered. Output A gives you the option of either.

There are many situations in which you need to split and/or combine dual signal paths and switch between them. The most common is when using two guitar amps, either in a stereo, dual-mono or wet/dry configuration. The minute you split a signal, however, you run into two possible problems: ground loop hum and potential phase reversal. ABY Baby solves them both thanks to the isolated, phase-reversible output B.

​In addition, output A offers the option of true bypass or buffered outs depending on your tonal and pedal/amp needs.

We've also added a Flip Flop mode for instant, one-touch switching between A and B should that be your need.

ABY Baby uses our own-design OptoKick optical footswitches for maximum reliability and durability. We believe they are the very best footswitches available.

Compact, flexible and roadworthy – ABY Baby!


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