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Free the Tone Overdriveland

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"OVERDRIVELAND": Opening Doors to Novel Overdrive Possibilities

"OVERDRIVELAND was born to be as lustrous and distinctive as the elusive DUMBLE amps that are now hard to come by, allowing players to express their unique personalities."

OVERDRIVELAND consists of two main sections. The first is the Normal Channel circuit, through which the signal passes when the Normal Channel is selected. This circuit includes the Tone circuit (including the EQ ON/GLASS switch) and Gain characteristics adjustment with the ROCK/JAZZ switch.

The second section is the Drive circuit. When the Drive Channel is selected, the signal passes through this Drive circuit before flowing into the Normal Channel circuit.

To begin crafting the foundational sound of OVERDRIVELAND, start with the Normal Channel, which provides a clean to crunch sound. Begin by setting all the knobs to their center positions and play some notes. The harmonic components will change with the strength of your picking, altering the tone. The Normal Channel offers a rich tone that can bring out various phrases from the player.

Adjust the "GAIN" knob to achieve your preferred level of distortion, and adjust the volume using the "NOR LEVEL" knob.

The Normal Channel features the "EQ ON/GLASS" and "ROCK/JAZZ" switches to help set the foundation for your sound.

The "EQ ON/GLASS" switch controls the equalization function of the Normal Channel. When set to "EQ ON," the "TONE" circuit is activated, allowing you to shape your tone. Selecting "GLASS" bypasses the "TONE" circuit, giving you a glassy tone reminiscent of turning on the Bright switch on a Blackface Fender Vibroverb.

The "ROCK/JAZZ" switch adjusts the frequency response and gain settings of the Normal Channel. The "ROCK" side is designed for shaping your sound with increased gain, while slightly reducing the gain in the low-frequency range to prevent excessive low-end volume that can cause the amp's input stage to distort. The "JAZZ" side, on the other hand, lowers the overall gain and is designed to bring out the richness in the low-frequency range.

When you select the Drive Channel in OVERDRIVELAND, the Drive circuit is added in front of the Normal Channel circuit. In other words, from the input side, the signal flows in the following order: Drive circuit, Normal Channel circuit, and then the output circuit. The Drive circuit is equipped with a "HI-CUT" filter circuit, making it easy to adjust the high-frequency characteristics. Additionally, the "PUSH" control adjusts the signal level sent from the Drive circuit to the Normal Channel, allowing you to control the perceived volume level. You can also adjust the volume when the Drive Channel is selected using the "DRV LEVEL" knob.

OVERDRIVELAND is equipped with a power supply switching feature. When you select DC9V, power is supplied to the audio circuit from the power supply connected to the DC jack. When you select "Int.PS (STANDARD)" or "VARI (CUSTOM SHOP)," the power supply is connected to the internal boost circuit, and power is supplied to OVERDRIVELAND's audio circuit through this boost circuit. The specifications differ between the STANDARD version and the CUSTOM version.

You have the option to select either an external input of DC9V or the internal boost power supply (DC14.5V). Just as altering the power supply voltage to a tube amp can change its sound, OVERDRIVELAND's sound will also vary when you adjust the voltage. Please do explore the sound changes and enjoy the unique tonal possibilities it offers.
Equipped with a ROCK/JAZZ switch for toggling gain and frequency characteristics (Normal Channel).
Features a "GLASS" switch to bypass the TONE circuit and achieve a glass-like sound (Normal Channel).
Independent output level adjustments for Normal Channel and Drive Channel.
Incorporates the HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit, which differs from traditional buffer circuits. It maximizes the sound characteristics of the guitar while performing impedance conversion, achieving a balance between "sound" and "low noise." The HTS circuit prevents sound quality degradation even when the effect is turned off. Additionally, the output signal is in phase with the input signal, eliminating concerns about phase inversion.


  • Input Impedance 500kΩ or higher
  • Output Load Impedance 10kΩ or higher
  • Controls NOR LEVEL, DRV LEVEL, TONE, GAIN, PUSH, HI CUT, DRIVE, EQ ON/GLASS switch, ROCK/JAZZ switch, DC9V/Int.PS switching switch
  • Connectors 1/4-inch standard phone jacks (input, output), DC9V input jack (AC adapter jack)
  • Power Supply DC9V battery (9V type 006P), AC adapter
  • Current Consumption DC9V 95mA  *When turning on the power, a significant current flows, so please use a power supply that can deliver a current of 200mA or more.
  • Size 97(D) × 120(W) × 51(H)mm (including protrusions like footswitches and jacks)
  • Weight Approximately 350g (excluding battery)
  • Accessories Warranty card, Website Access card, Safety precaution, 4 x Rubber feet.


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