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Free The Tone LB-2 expansion loop box

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The FREE THE TONE LB-2 is an expansion loop box developed to control various signal lines. The LB-2 can add loops to the ARC-3 or ARC-53M (two additional loops) or provide effect loops for an amplifier’s send/return. With two separate loops, it can be utilized in six ways, as an input selector, output selector, etc., depending on how it is connected. The FREE THE TONE LB-2 enables to make your sound system more flexible.


  • Two completely independent loops.
  • With separate loops, it can be used as an input/output selector.
  • All of the input/output jacks and controls are mounted on one side to reduce wiring space within a pedalboard or rack.
  • Usable in 6 ways depending on the interface method: effects loop, effects loop for amplifier send/return, input selector, output selector, stereo effects loop, and mute box.

When using only one loop, please use the LOOP1 control terminal.
Inserting a mono standard plug in the LOOP1 control terminal automatically turns on the LOOP2 terminal but this will cause no problem in actual usage.
On/off control of the LOOP2 becomes available by inserting a plug in the LOOP2 terminal.

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