Fralin P-90 in a Humbucker Cover Set - tgt11

Fralin P-90 in a Humbucker Cover Set

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Review from Premier Guitar:

"Although Lindy Fralin?s P-90 in a Humbucker Cover sets aren?t as popular as the hum-cancelling Fralin P-92 sets discussed below, they?re some of the most musically pleasing P-90 derivatives I?ve ever played. Their tones are beautifully balanced. Lows are stout, with rock-solid fundamentals, but they never overpower or sound wooly. Highs have a lovely shimmer that never becomes harsh. And there?s a great sense of openness?low mids feel aerated in just the right way. The combined-pickup tones are stellar, too, exhibiting both low-end mass and energized sparkle.

The even better news is that the pickups retain those qualities when you slather on the gain. Lows wallop, but they?re focused. Note attack remains aggressive. It?s mass without sludge?and a fine example of the fat-but-edgy distortion sound P-90 fans crave.

The Fralin P-90s boasts fabulous range, both dynamically and harmonically. It?s easy to sculpt the high end solely by touch?you can dig in for face-slapping impact, or back off a bit for smoother, rounder tones. These pickups help you discover new ways of playing more expressively."

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