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Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water K-Field Modulator

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Re-animate your guitar parts, hypnotize your synths into a dreamy trance, submerge your loops in a swirling pool of syrupy sound! Fairfield Circuity's latest demented venture will send you and your musical ideas spiralling into another plane of existence.

Based on a traditional analogue chorus/vibrato circuit, the Shallow Water varies the delay and filtration created in relation to the input signal, simultaneously giving an old-tape-like warmth and sporadic flutters of pitch and modulation.

Your ideas will take on a lifeforce of their own. Relieve yourself of the control over your sound and let it wade through the Shallow Water's murky, ethereal circuitry!

Poolside conversations while staring at your own reflection. The depths of which shall never be known, at least not for another couple thousand years. So it goes.

Before the reflection, is the experience. Before phenomena, or even noumena, is that which is undefinable. That which has never been heard, that which will never be heard again and that which has always been heard but never listened to.

K-field (Simulation mathematics), an undefined, two-dimensional, non-linear field where past and future forces interact at irregular intervals. Shallow Water generates this k-field by randomly modulating a short time delay to create unexpected shifts in pitch. The result is this non cyclical vibrato/chorus/flanger-type thing favouring old tape flavours.

The water is shallow on this side of the pool. Do not dive and you will not drown.

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