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Expandora Vintage Reissue Vintage LM308 Chips

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Expandora Vintage Reissue

The Expandora Vintage Reissue is a fresh recreation of the vintage round Expandora from decades ago. The circuit is faithful to the original pedal design, including Crunch, Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz modes. However the mode switches on this version are right on the face of the pedal for easy access.

Enhancements have been made to the original schematic for improved headroom. There are tweaks to create a thicker, less buzzy tone. And we have added enhanced power filtering for less noise when connected to a standard power supply. The Expandora is made with pride in the USA. This pedal rocks!

The Expandora Vintage Reissue is a loving recreation of the original spec pedal in a shiny round enclosure. CNC machined from exquisite aluminum billet, the Expandora Vintage Reissue is metalwork at its finest! Classy external mini-toggle switches are utilized to select between the four modes... just like the original... but without the need to open up the bottom of the pedal!

  • Amazing tone!
  • Offered with a variety of Vintage and Modern chip sets!
  • Two Single Op Amp Chips (socketed for easy swapping)​
  • LM308N or LM308AN National Semiconductor (Vintage NOS)
  • LM308 Motorola (Vintage NOS - Very Rare!)
  • Russian Vintage NOS LM308 Equivalents KR140UD1408
  • OP07 - Modern chip used in current "rat"
  • TL071 - NOS chipset with a warmer lower gain tone
  • Original spec RC4558 Dual Op Amp (socketed for easy swapping)
  • Original spec 2n3906 Transistor (socketed for easy swapping)
  • Original spec silicon Clipping Diodes
  • Made in the USA

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