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Duesenberg Gran Royal Tremolo Vintage Orange

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The Gran Royale comes in a classic Vintage Orange finish with the top of the body stained before the lacquer finish.

It sports twin F-Holes, a floating transparent pickguard and our new 4-Way rotary pickup switch which adds a new variation to the way we combine pickups. The special soundpost-construction beneath the bridge is designed to reduce feedback through the guitar body and will keep you going even if your tone gets rough.

It also brings our unique Radiator Vibrato Unit. Buttery smooth action, reliable tuning stability and string changes that are a breeze are just the main aspects of our unique vibrato design.

The new rotary 4-way switch located at the lower cutaway now lets you choose between a full Humbucker and P90 combination, as well as the typical Duesenberg wiring where low-end frequencies are filtered out of the humbucker signal when both pickups are combined. You can also select each one individually, of course.

The new Phonico pickup covers are our visionary expression of truly independent hardware design. They also prove that nothing really has to stay the same just because it always has been. The inside dimensions are designed to hold most forms of today's pickups, just in case you may want to swap them. We don't think you will.

Naturally, the Gran Royale also receives our high-quality Plek process for optimal playability all throughout the neck.

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