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DOD Chthonic Fuzz

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A Dirtbox from Another Dimension

Drawn from the darkest depths of the sonic void, DOD’s Chthonic fuzz pedal is precision-voiced to make any single-coil pickup shudder. This frightening fuzz takes inspiration from a classic single-knob pedal from the 1970s, then upgrades the formula with a dedicated Fuzz control and a subtle yet powerful tone in the form of a Lustre knob. The result? A dar, dreadful fuzz that can transform thin single-coil pickups and clean, bright amps into sludgy fuzz walls of cosmic proportions. Moreover, while the Chthonic is certainly capable of smothering any signal chain in all-encompassing fuzz, dialing down the gain or your guitar’s volume knob offers a remarkably versatile range of gain tones to choose from with superb touch sensitivity. Envelope your rig with eldritch-inspired fuzz tones with the crushing cry of DOD’s Chthonic fuzz pedal!


Inspired by an iconic single-knob fuzz

The Chthonic is directly inspired by one of the most famous fuzz pedals of the 1970s, with quite a few additional features thrown in to better serve the modern guitarist. Instead of the original’s single-knob design, the Chthonic comes equipped with standard Fuzz and Output knobs, in addition to a unique “Lustre” control. While the first two controls are surely familiar to any fuzz fiend, the aptly named Lustre is a subtle tone-shaping tool that provides you with a surprising degree of sonic sculpting potential.

Ideal for single-coil pickups and clean rigs

Ask any fuzz-obsessed Sweetwater guitarist, and they’ll tell you that fuzz pedals can be extremely picky about the pickups you feed them. Case in point: the Chthonic is a massive-sounding fuzz custom-voiced to excel with single-coil pickups, as its low-end-biased response fattens up even the thinnest pickup designs. Plus, the Chthonic is no slouch with humbuckers either — especially lower-output PAF-style pickups!

DOD Chthonic Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • A frightening fuzz of cosmic proportions based on a classic single-knob fuzzbox from the 1970s
  • Voiced to perfectly complement single-coil pickups, transforming thin tones into massive walls of all-encompassing sludge
  • Also an excellent choice for PAF-style pickups and other vintage-inspired humbuckers
  • Straightforward 3-knob design includes Fuzz, Output, and Lustre (tone) controls
  • Transistor-clipping design results in dynamic and touch-sensitive tones when you roll down your volume knob


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