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Demedash T-60 Analog Chorus & Vibrato

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Full Analog Vibrato, Chorus & Flange

Instantly overlay a worn-out layer of stretched tape to your playing. Let it wander. Let the years in the attic speak for themselves. Crinkles, wear and instability add character. Get lost in the lush stereo output.

The T-60 is, above all else, a gorgeous analog BBD stereo chorus that is capable of entering flanging territory.

One of the most feature-packed, compact modern analog chorus pedals yet created, the T-60 doesn't take any half-measures. And a fully analog signal path means that your signal is never digitized - all effects are applied via analog means.

Analog Signal Path, Digital LFO

The T-60’s true powerhouse is its microcontroller brain and meticulously crafted and digitally generated LFO.

Chop up and pixellate the modulating waveform for tiny pitch jumps as the LFO wanders around.

Mix Periodic and Random waveforms together

Tap in a tempo.

Ramp the speed or pixellation.

A powerful high/low shelving EQ control that can be set to apply to only the wet, or both the wet and dry signals lets you decide how you want to dial in your sound.

All the expected sounds, and then some.

The ridiculously powerful bucket brigade clock circuit has a wide range of clock speeds available via the Lag knob - giving you plenty of options as to how much or how little latency between dry and wet signals you want (though you’ll never hear an audible delay).

Low lag settings yield flanging swept filter tones, mid-ranged settings give classic shimmering chorus, and longer times lead to thick gooey chorus and raw, wavering vibrato.

Adding to this, the Regeneration control allows you to re-enforce the comb-filter effect and get much thicker sounding flange, vibrato or chorus.

Stereo Output

The T-60 features stereo outputs, with the left channel providing Dry - Wet (subtractive mixing), and the right providing Dry + Wet (additive mixing).

When used in mono mode, the subtractive mix is output.

A TRS to dual-TS cable (not included) is required to send the stereo output to two different jacks.


  • 9VDC Operation
  • 90 mA current draw
  • DSP-free
  • Dual Mono Output in bypass
  • 125B Size (4.7”x2.5”)
  • Contains reverse & over-voltage protection to save you from yourself.



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