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Darkglass Microtubes 500

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The 500 has the circuitry of Darkglass’ renowned B3K and Vintage Microtubes pedals integrated within its design. This gives you an unbelievable amount of tonal flexibility, offering a pure clean tone with plenty of headroom, or a crunchy classic rock style bass sound with the VMT (Vintage Microtubes) circuit engaged.

However, if you know Darkglass, then you’ll be aware of the unbridled filth delivered by the B3K pedal! Offering incredibly powerful high-gain overdrive, this circuit keeps your sound tight and focused, perfect for metal.

You can switch between the clean and Microtubes channels via the amp’s front panel, or using the optional footswitch.

Versatile EQ:

The Microtubes 500 also features a similar control set to its predecessor. With a 4-band EQ for each of the amps 2 channels, this amp provides you with great control over your tone. A lot of people don't realize how essential the mid-range is for a bass guitar, as it affects how much your bass sound cuts through a mix.

On the Microtubes 500 you have conventional Bass and Treble controls, letting you boost or cut the low-end and top-end frequencies respectively. But you also have Low-mid and High-Mid knobs for each channel, to really colour the mid-range with the ability to narrow down certain frequencies in that range. These will ensure that your tone is punchy with plenty of cut!

Here's what Darkglass say about the Microtubes 500 Bass Head Amp:

Massive Tone For The Masses

It’s been an extraordinary year since the launch of the Microtubes 900 in 2016.

Darkglass Electronics’ goal for this very first amp was to develop a unique bass amplifier with no compromises - distinctive sonic characteristics, unparalleled flexibility, ludicrously powerful and a beautiful design. The strategy was to have a high performance, high value creation that bassists around the world could desire and aspire to own.

The bass amplifier world is the most established segment in the industry. So it was an audacious step for the company the compete by launching an amp, all while maintaining the characteristics that have made Darkglass Electronics a renowned brand around the world. Most thought the Microtubes 900 was the culmination of a master plan, when in reality it was only the first step. Thousands of units later, plus some tricks learned and Darkglass is ready for step two - bringing the same tone, flexibility, design plus a few new features to the masses.

It’s our pleasure to introduce the Microtubes 500.

At 500 Watts RMS and in a more compact and lighter format, the Microtubes 500 is a more affordable option for bass players that don’t require the sheer power the Microtubes 900 offers, all while maintaining the same tone, flexibility and quality design of its predecessor.

Main Features:

  • Dual Microtubes Engine: powered by B3K and VMT
  • Clean, B3K and VMT channels can be selected from front panel or by optional footswitch
  • Gain and Master controls for the Clean channel
  • 4 Band Active Equalizer
  • Two-way Mid Frequency switches for Lo and Hi Mid controls
  • XLR Direct Output (pre/post preamp, but unaffected by Master Volume)
  • Effects Loop (unaffected by master volume)
  • Headphone Output for silent practice (6.35mm)
  • Speakon/Combo-Jack speaker connections
  • 500W RMS@ 4 (min load)
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