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Darkglass DG-210C 2x10 Bass Cab

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The DG-210C 2x10 Bass Cab from Darkglass is the perfect match for the Microtubes 900 & 500 Amp Heads. This powerful cab can push some serious air with its dual custom-made 10” Eminence drivers, ensuring that your bass sound is focused, punchy and just plain loud!

With a proprietary crossover circuit, this is designed to add another dimension to your distorted tones. Essentially enhancing the extra harmonics produced by distortion, this gives you a richer sound to get the most out of the B3K and VMT circuits within the 900 and 500 heads.

Here's what Darkglass say about the 210 Bass Cab:

Cabinets are probably the most underrated link in a musician’s signal chain. Players obsess relentlessly about instruments, pedals and amplifiers, not realising that without speakers, all of these elements merely generate or process electric signals.

Music though is heard and felt, not just measured. It is made of sound and speakers are what transform electric signals into that sound.

The Darkglass Electronics tone is distinctive and unique and is the foundation the brand’s reputation is built upon. So, Darkglass could simply not continue disrupting the bass guitar market without addressing the most essential part of the signal chain - speaker cabinets.

More than just a perfect match for the award winning Microtubes 900 and brand new Microtubes 500 bass amplifiers, the Darkglass DG-210C cabinet is loaded with a pair of 10” custom made Eminence drivers and a proprietary crossover circuit designed to enhance distortion excited-harmonics in a unique and pleasant way.

DG-210C is the complete answer to a market in dire need of a new player to shake things up.

Main Features:

  • 2x10 loaded with Custom 10” Eminence ceramic speakers
  • Ferrite Magnet HF Horn
  • Dual Parallel Speakon Combo Connectors
  • Custom Passive Crossover (@ 3.5 kHz)
  • HF-Control (L-Pad)
  • Baltic Birch construction
  • Modern look, with extra high quality ‘Tolex’ style finish and removable cloth grill
  • 8  Impedance
  • 500W RMS Power Handling
  • Sensitivity - 97dB 1w@1M
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