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Scream Honey is not a name of a product, is a spirit, representing the top-notch overdrive tone in the world. The SHXC is the latest flagship model of the Scream Honey family in 2023, carrying the finest level of the family so far, It is the culmination of a decade of research. The creation process of SHXC mainly contains two steps. First, we made the tone to get 99% similarity with original Centaur, and then, improving and perfecting the tone to a new level based on this. The SHXC is the first product in our Scream Honey Renassians Overdrive Project (R.O.P.). The purpose of the R.O.P. is to redesign the two most popular overdrive pedals in history and do improvements to make them even more better than the original one.

If you are a fan of Klon tone and you already own Centaur or KTR, meanwhile your subconscious tells you that there is still room for improvement, the SHXC will be your ultimate pursuit. If you think that centaur is perfect and no way to improve, moreover you do not believe our announcement that SHXC can get 99% similarity and improvement on the basis of Centaur, please read the following content completely.

The original Klon tone features a huge headroom, super transparent, strong mid-range and ultra presence
Wu always think the most unique feature of Klon is the process of its tone generation, he called this special process as Tone Parallel Direct Synthesis Method. As said before, if you use the exactly the same original circuit, it is impossible to get the exact same tone by just replacing the germanium diode, therefore, the only way is redesign Klon by using the Tone Parallel Direct Synthesis Method, And then recreated its tone by performing AB comparison with Centaur thousands of times. But the premise of all this is to find out a germanium diode with the same frequency characteristics as the one used by original Centaur.
Wu has been researching and making vintage overdrive effectors for a long time, over the years, he has collected many rare components, among these collections, there is such a germanium diode, its frequency characteristics are very similar to the original one, with strong mid-range and very rich high frequency harmonics. Thus, the research of SHXC for many years has been based on this germanium diode.

The next step is to redesign the circuit. Please note that this is a redesign, not as simple as just replacing the value of a certain component. The SHXC's circuit has a 20% increase in circuit scale, and this part is mainly used to improve the tone adjustment. After several years of continuous modification, and used various styles of guitars and amps to do compare, it is finally possible to achieve 99% similarity. But Wu is not satisfied with this, and believes that some improvements can be made in the points.

Here I will talk about the points that the tone can be improved.

1. The high-mid band is too compressed, and the tone produced by pushing Marshall at the unity gain point is also very compressed, very flat, and cannot get the bell-like mid-high frequency feeling of Marshall tone after pushing. Even if you don’t push amps, when used alone, as the gain increases, the mid-range frequency becomes huge, which makes the mid-high frequency tone less obvious, and the tone sounds a bit muffy at this time.
2. The frequency structure of Klon can also be slightly modified, which can make the low frequency sound more woody and three-dimensional. The current low frequency is a bit stiff.
3. The picking attack can be further improved, and the response speed can be made more faster, it is suitable for peoples who play with fingers
4. The high frequency moved closer to vintage Marshall, making the SHXC's distortion tone more like an amp, rather than a traditional overdrive pedal that lacks high frequency.

In short, all the modifications above can make the tone more punchy, clearer and amp-like. In addition, SHXC also features a bypass switch like KTR, which can be switched between true bypass and buffer bypass. The bypass switch of SHXC is different from that of KTR. Since the TONE knob of Klon can slightly affect the tone of the buffer bypass, so when the input is open, such as not connected to a guitar, or when used in loop, and the loop is suspended, at this
time, Klon will produce a self-excited effect, and a howling will be generated. This howling signal will be coupled to the input of other loops, causing other loops
to also generate howling. Wu decided to start with these problems to make the tone more perfect.

After years of redesign and comparative modification, the SHXC is not only achieved 99% similarity with the original one, but also made modifications to the deficiencies. Wu named this final upgraded tone as Deep Notes. Just like its name, every note played with SHXC is deep and three-dimensional, not too flat like Klon, whether strumming or playing individual notes.

The SHXC's tone has significant improvement in the following three points,
1.This more complex frequency response structure makes the tone more three-dimensional, and this rich frequency response makes SHXC more suitable to be used to push amps, to get a more clearer, detailed and defenition tone.
2 . More richer high frequency harmonics, modified super high frequency response, and more faster response speed, these are exactly what overdrive pedals generally lack, and all these above make the feeling more similar to an amp.
3. Less compression, more transparent tone
Compared with Centaur, SHXC has the following improvements or called differences in terms of use:
1. Improved buffer bypass, more closer to the original tone of guitar
2. Improved true bypass, smaller switch loss
3. Improved TONE knob, both attenuation and boost have a 10% adjustment range
4. More higher output level

The SHXC is made of a large number of precious electronic components. These components are typically used in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of
equipment, and it is still very rare to use these components in effect pedals. The SHXC uses super SMD production process, and combined with these high-end resistors and capacitors, the circuit's real response to the tone is better than the super Through Hole process. In addition to the precious germanium diodes collected by Wu, another important guarantee comes from a special TLl072 in the early 1980s, the chips in this ceramic package have exceptional frequency characteristics.

Each SHXC is entirely made by Wu himself, before delivered to the customer, Wu will complete the final tone comparison. SHXC is a very limited top-notch overdrive pedal, the planned total production volume is only a few hundred, the specific quantity will be determined by the germanium diodes and chips in Wu's collection.

SHXC is currently the most time-consuming product to produce, and the entire production process is completed by Wu, so the monthly output will be limited to about 20 pieces. We appreciate your patience.

The SHXC is dedicated to peoples who really love tone

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