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Catalinbread Katzenkonig the Rat-Bender

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Katzenkönig. The "cat king." This fanciful feline perches proudly atop a slaughtered rat, and let this graphic set the stage for this gain monster.

The circuit itself is a hybrid—part rodent, part Tone Bender MKII—the ultimate combination of raw gain and harmonic saturation. In short: One hell of a dirt box.

First thing's first, the Katzenkönig has a ton of gain on tap. There's an Input knob which controls how much of your signal hits the circuit, as well as a Gain knob with more dirt than you ever thought possible. With the Input and Gain knobs cranked, you may experience a timelapse in which you transform into a riff-making machine. No amount of volume-knob-rollback can clean the king up at this point. This is why the Input control exists.

Rolling the Input knob back tames the fur on the cat and also works in conjunction with your guitar's volume knob, for people who are into that whole cleanup thing. 

Remember the Filter knob on a RAT? You know, the one that's almost unusable when rolled all the way back? The Katzenkönig's Filter knob is a greatly-enhanced version of this control, and it's not shrill in any position. Huge bonus. 

The Katzenkönig is hand-made one at a time in our backyard of Portland, OR, USA using only the best parts available.

Catalinbread Katzenkönig Features:


  • Hybrid RAT and Tone Bender circuit for supreme gain saturation
  • Handy input knob to rein in the gain when needed
  • True bypass switching
  • Standard 9—18v center-negative operation


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