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Catalinbread CB Distortion

995 :- Ord. Pris (1895 :-)
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Catalinbread's new CB Series was designed for players who care about their tone, but don't care for long-winded instruction manuals! Each CB pedal is designed to work with a variety of amps of all costs and wattages and features a super-simple one volume knob layout. Gone are the days of endless knob tweaking to find a great tone...just plug in, turn on and rock out!

The Catalinbread CB Distortion is a no-nonsense rock and roll machine, serving up a thick and meaty distortion that you can feel in your gut! By setting the single volume knob low, you can achieve a burly rhythm crunch tone, but crank it to ten and you're in face-melting territory! Internally, the CB Distortion has been finely tuned to find the sonic sweet spot, so all you have to worry about is adjusting the volume level to meet your needs. Simple!

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