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Black Arts Toneworks Priestess

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From the manufacturer:

Loud. Raw. Thick. Incredible tone shaping.

The Priestess takes the best of the various versions of the BMP and combines them into a
singular sonic assault.

  • 1st gain stage – Pharaoh. Higher headroom input results in great stacking possibilities
  •  2nd gain stage – Green Russian results in a solid attack and bottom end
  • 3rd gain stage – NYC Reissue with Creamy Dreamer Mod gives a high gain stage with a bit of squish
  • Tone controls – Violet Ram’s Head for a pleasant vocal midrange
  • 4th gain stage – LSTR. High Output


This anthology of circuit stages along with a mids control that goes from deep scoop to slightly
boosted mids and two toggles for control of clipping diodes gives tones from dynamic and open fuzz
to compressed singing sustain.

  • Tone – Full range tone control. Turn it left for low end emphasis, turn right for high end emphasis.
  • Mids – Turn left for supa-scooped sounds, right for mid presence.
  • With Tone full left and Mids full right, you can achieve the mid forward boost settings.
  • With Tone and Mids pointed towards each other, you’ll get scooped tones


  • Left Toggle – controls clipping diodes on the 2nd stage. OFF bypasses the diodes for a Supa
  • Tonebender style clipping arrangement, Clip 1 for standard Silicon clipping.
  • Right Toggle – controls clipping diodes on the 3rd stage. OFF bypasses the diodes for an open and
  • dynamic sound like the Pharaoh bypass option, Clip 2 for standard silicon clipping.


You’ll find the Priestess the perfect counterpart to The Pharaoh.

Equally powerful
Equally adjustable
Equally effective

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