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BJF red rooster booster

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BJFE red rooster booster very rare - straight from Bjorns Custom Shop.

One booster to rule them all - the BJF RED ROOSTER BOOSTER

This is a very high headroom booster that differs from Baby Pink Booster so that there is lot more boost and it is meant to push the amps input into distortion. On higher setting the pedal will produce some natural distortion of its own to go with the boost.

RRB is designed to be used to drive the amp to distortion, use it with amp that is "on the edge" to turn it to distortion or with distorted amp to ad gain to your leads. The output range of RRB is set to complement that of the average tube-amp so as not give rise to harsh distortion from amp being overloaded or chopped of attack as the case may be. This booster/light overdrive goes well with amps that have complex distortion such as the Vox, Matchless, Budda ….

RRB can be used like the old type of overdrives with heavy output, using it with an amplifier distorting slightly and then boosting the amp for more distortion. You’ll reach a point in the amplifiers distortion when normal distortion pedals /overdrives/fuzzes cannot follow because they choke the tone but the RRB has been designed so tha it gives excellent clarity. Best setting for this is 1 o’clock.

This pedal used as an overdrive gives essentially flat response and can even be used with bass. It will not boost treble but have some distortion that makes a shimmer that can be mistaken as treble boost but it is only distortion.

You can use it too with clean amp as a clean boost. RRB has a true bypass whereas BPB has a buffered output. RRB is also on phase with signal but BPB is out of phase as can used to correct the phase in old Fender amp channels.

We say:

Rumour has it that Richie Sambora bought 10 of them, a few to keep and the others for his friends...

Bjorn Juhl:

Red Rooster Booster is a rock 'n roll booster that came about as a request for a hotter version of BPB and true bypass. It has proven to fit ever so nicely with certain brands of boutique amps and one such amp was even custom made to fit the RRB!!


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