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BJF Pink Purple Fuzz RARE

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A rare Pink Purple Fuzz from BJFE with no chips/wear at all! The Pink Purple is a great fuzz if you don't want the fuzz to be too wooly like old germanium fuzzfaces. You can get both fuzzy tones and some that lean towards distortion. Here is the text from the original description:

The controls are:
FUZZ, which sets the amount of distortion and sustain.
A good starting point for this control is a bit below centre (eleven o'clock).

The first half of rotation will give dynamic fuzz, suitable for overdrive, and second half will give compressed fuzz effects with most guitars.

NATURE, which sets the type of fuzz effect obtained- circumflex setting will produce bright tonality, turning CCW gives deep full range fuzz, turning CW gives a nasal tonality for piercing leads, a good starting point for this control is at the circumflex (twelve o'clock).
Note! This control is rather subtle -tuned for its purpose - spend a little time with it to find preferable settings in conjunction with Fuzz as it is an unusual control.

VOL. sets the balance between processed signal and no processed. A good starting point
for this control is a bit below centre (nine o'clock).
Input performance: The unit has high input impedance presenting only a light load to the pickups and the volume control on the guitar can be used as an auxiliary drive.


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