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BJF BlackBerry Bass Overdrive

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"Are you BJF fans just like us? BJF is actually the reason for me starting the TGT11 shop and we're good friends and live about 30 minutes from each other. I go to his workshop every once in a while to get inspiration and pick up some pedals."  - Sebastian

We very seldom have something in stock, but we do have waiting lists for each model. If there's a specific model you want, the best way is to send us an email with what model you're interested in. Since Bjorns output is a lot lower than demand, it's really hard to tell the waiting time. It depends on what models he currently has on the working table or if he's busy designing for One Control. He is a one man operation and he is actually doing everything completely by hand himself, even the curcuit boards and painting.


It's an overdrive unit designed to fit the requirements of todays demanding Bass players. A palette of distorted sounds can be employed at foot-switch. It has mid and bass controls in place of the tone knob on the BlueBerry.

This circuit is the result of suggestions from leading bassists who have shared their thoughts on how they'd want a bass overdrive to work with the designer.
Distortion in bass amps has made some skid marks in music history from Everly Brothers (along with a few other Country and Western artists) through John Entwistle of The WHO, through Lemmy of Motörhead, Bootsy Collins of P Funk. Each showing different uses of distortion.

These are the key features that are the basis of the BlackBerry BOD design:

1. As flat as possible frequency response, and as far possible, make it sound integral to amplifier.

2. Wide range of distortions: from light transient clipping to massive compressed bass fuzz.

3. Dynamic feel at low to medium settings with diffuse clipping knee, id est. ability to travel

through different shades of distortions.

4 Heavy duty design for reliability.

5. Battery monitor built in - when battery runs low LED-lights gets dim.

6. Low current draw for added battery-life.

7. Security: the unit must compile with standards set for this intended use.

8. Boost capability for additional overdrive from the amplifier used.

9. A tone-control for the sensitive low-end - use less bass for higher settings of DRIVE for better

clarity in chord play. Use full bass even at full DRIVE for a bass synth effect

10. A nice colour: this one's the colour of mashed blue berries.

12. Complete bypass - something almost mandatory these days.

13. Original Circuit.

We say:

An Ampeg on 10 kind of pedal, not to confuse with the big muff type of sound

History from Bjorn Juhl:

BlackBerry Bass Overdrive, that was designed with the aid of a couple of bassists that came with their guitarists and they asked if I might not make this particurlar overdrive for bass that would give them the lowfi old style bass sound with quite a bit of distortion but not fuzz. This pedal is somewhat specifically tuned to the modern high wattage bassamps.


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