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BJF Baby Pink Booster II

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The Baby Pink Booster II is an all new booster from BJF with clean transparent boost. It sports adjustable and switchable boosts ranging from unity to approximately 8 times or +18 dB, which is the practical limit with the signal levels and supply voltage range used in conventional effects-empirically derived.

Baby Pink Booster was designed to do just the transparent natural clean boost, there is no overdrive or distortion options, to include an overdrive with Clean Boost one would have to compromise one or the other, we recommend Baby Blue OD or Dyna Red Dist for distortion.

With it's 180 degree phase bend you can even use it to connect the two channels of your vintage Fender amps.


  • Z - input impedance and treble control
  • Gain - think of this is an input gain in a mixer so you get the least amount noise possible and matched to your guitar. Can distort at the highest settings.
  • Volume - Output volume


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