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Analog Man Sun Bender MK 1.5

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This is an exact Tonebender MK1.5 pedal topology. We made the BIAS resistor adjustable on the BIAS knob in the center of the pedal, as there are some great sounds to be had by running higher bias than normal. It gets brighter and cuts through better when it's overbiased. We also changed a capacitor value slightly to make it sound and work better. Simply copying a schematic would have been easier, but we want to make the pedal as great sounding as possible and allow it to work with various guitars and amps.

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We decided to make this 2-transistor MK1.5 instead of the 3-transistor MK-II as we don't have many of these awesome British NOS transistors. Also we tested them side by side and found there were really no better sounds from the MK-II.

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