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Analog Man Juicer Compressor

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The Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer (OS) is legendary for its smooth compression and "squashing" tone as used on many Steely Dan (My Old School by Jeff Baxter etc), Doobie Brothers, Dire Straits (Sultans Of Swing), and other classic albums. Jay Graydon emailed me and told me that he played the solo in PEG by Steely Dan with the orange squeezer. Jay also used it on countless songs heard on the radio and uses it for recording all the time. Now he is using our JUICER pedal!

Playing the JUICER, the attack of each note is compressed and the decay of the note is brought up somewhat, something like a tube amp's natural sag. There is not as much signal and noise amplifying "sustain" (swell) as some compressor/sustainor pedals like the Ross, MXR Dynacomp, Boss CS-2 etc. The OS is awesome sounding, however there are many limitations in its original stock form. When OFF, the sound was muddied as the little toggle switch used was not a true bypass switch so your top end was lost. Also this effect was not really a "pedal" but a small box which was meant to plug directly into your guitar (not possible with a strat) or amp (too far away to turn on/off easily). So even though the sound was outstanding many people could not use them.

You get a 100% original (not WD reissue) Dan Armstrong O.S. circuit and sound. This is also a great boost pedal!

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