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Mad Professor LF353 chip for LGW

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Some info from Bjorn Juhl: The MP LGW has a socket just like the BJF version before it. MP version comes with the last revision made for LGW and has a TLC272 CMOS chip. Some prefer the LF353 that was originally put into the BJF version and the LF 353 was selected for it's high headroom and the simplicity of the internal structure that also leads to high linearity. The LF 353 does however become fuzzy at lower voltages while at 9V's or above this is the chip I prefered as it combines several desired features like low noise, low distortion and progressive distortion ( when powersupply is high enough), high overload capability, high linearity in noninvertingmode( LF356 beats most of those requirements but has an unpleasent nonlinearity in the inputdifferentialstage)- the medium drive capability of about200 Ohms without outputstage loading distortion is taken into consideration in the circuit, and reasonably high bandwidth greatly reducing nonlinearities at high frequencies by the negative feedback,, and relatively simple internal construction gives slow onset of distortion.........

Ah but some wanted easier breakup and tolerance to lowervoltage and so the TLC272 was chosen as a substitute so LGW could be driven at lower voltages and distortion also easierly set by powersupply voltage as the TLC272 woprks as the internal bias breaks dpown....
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