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SUHR Jim Kelley
Single Channel Limited Wood and Wicker comb

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The Jim Kelley Amplifier Single-Channel Model is a 60 watt all-tube amplifier designed to retain your guitar's natural tonal characteristics. It delivers a broad range of punchy, high powered clean and smooth dynamic overdrive tones. The Single-Channel model features a versatile pre-amp/power amp circuit, active shelving tone controls, four 6V6 output tubes and reverb

Power Select Switch
The Power Select Switch offers the following three-positions:
30 Watts: Amplifier operates at half power
OFF: Power is switched off
60 Watts: Amplifier operates at full power

Operates as an overdrive and a volume control. This is responsible for adding harmonic sustain, richness and depth at higher gain settings.

Located on the Gain control, this adds high frequencies by alternating the power section's negative feedback.

Adjusts the boost and cut of treble frequencies. When control is set to "5", treble response is considered flat.

​Bright (Pull Treble)
Located on the Treble control, this provides an additional boost of treble for a glassy edge.

Adjusts the boost and cut of bass frequencies. When control is set to "5", bass response is considered flat.

Mid-Boost (pull bass)
Located on the Bass control, this adds thinkness and sustain for "fattening up" lead tones.

Adjusts the amount of reverb effect that is added to the original signal. Turning the knob fully clockwise will provide the maximum reverb effect.

The Single Channel tube compliment consists of four 6V6 power tubes, three 12AX7 and one 12AT7 preamp tubes.

HI: Use this input for guitars with passive or high impedance pickups.
LO: Use this input for guitars with active or low impedance pickups.
Provides a Post-EQ boost in gain to the output section for more saturation while leaving the pre-amp clean and punchy.

 Speaker Outputs
The Single-Channel has two loudspeaker outputs and utilizes a custom built output transformer and has two loudspeaker outputs (one 8Ω and one 4Ω) to interface with a variety of speaker cabinet options.

With the Power switch in the OFF position and the Stand-by switch in the Stand-by position, flip the power switch to ON. Wait sixty seconds, then flip the Stand-by switch to the ON position. To power down, switch the power switch to the OFF position.

Single Channel head (Black Tolex)
Power Attenuator
Power Attenuator Activation Switch

Output: 30/60 Watts RMS
Tubes: 4-6V6, 3-12AX7 & 1-12AT7
Fuse: 3 Amp Slo-Blo
Speaker: EVM-12L
Front Panel: Inputs, Gain, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Power Select and Power Indicator
Back Panel: Mains Inlet, Stand-by, Speaker Outputs, Reverb (send and return) and Boost jack.

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