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Lehle RMI Acouswitch IQ DI

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The Acouswitch IQ DI acoustic guitar preamp opens up a new dimension in acoustic guitar pre-amplification and signal routing, offering an all-in-one solution for acoustic guitar players, whether used in stand-alone mode or as the control centre of a pedal board.

The Acouswitch IQ DI features:
* an A/B-input switcher
* a high-end preamp
* a clean booster
* a parametric EQ
* an FX Loop switcher
* and last but not least. professional quality DI signal routing.

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 1375 gr
Length: 16.2 cm
Width: 22.0 cm
Overall height: 4.2 cm
Voltage range: 9-20V AC/DC
Power Consumption: 150 mA
Frequency Range 50Hz (low cut filter) ? 100kHz
Distortion: 0.005%
Input A impedance: 5 MΩ
Input B impedance: 5 MΩ
Output impedance 150Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio: -92 dB @ 1 kHz, 0dBu (A weighted)
Max level: 4,5V RMS (approx. 15 dBu)
Max gain: +/- 15 dB
Bass: +/-18 dB @ 83Hz (peaking)
Mid: +/-18 dB @ 100Hz ? 6kHz (peaking)
Treble: +/- 18 dB @ 12,5kHz (shelving)
Body contour: -24dB (notchfilter)/+18 dB (peaking) @ 45Hz ? 500Hz

German manufacturing and best brand components provide maximum reliability and optimal treatment of the electrical signal from your acoustic instrument, wether from a magnetic or a piezo pickup.

Uncompromising in sound, build quality and flexibility, our high-end acoustic guitar preamp will prepare you for any situation, be it in live performance or recording sessions.


? A/B input switcher.

The Acouswitch IQ DI offers two high impedance inputs with discrete circuit design. If you connect two instruments to input A and B, the A/B footswitch allows you to toggle between the two. The signal from instrument A is routed to channel A and the signal from instrument B is routed to channel B. If only one instrument is connected to input A, the A/B footswitch routes this signal to channel A or channel B. The ?MIX? switch located between input A and B allows you to combine and mix both channels.

? High-end acoustic guitar preamp with parametric EQ and body contour control

Channel A of the Acouswitch IQ DI features a high-end preamp and a three-band EQ, designed for acoustic instruments, offering bass, semi-parametric mids with a broad frequency range (100 Hz to 6 kHz) and treble controls. The body contour control acts on both channels.

? FX Looper

The Acouswitch IQ DI offers two effect loops: a passive serial loop and a switchable, infinitely variable mixing loop enabling you to go from a completely dry signal, through parallel, on to serial looping. A phase-inverter switch ensures that any out-of-phase signals do not cancel each other out when in parallel mode. And a Tuner Out keeps the tuner out of the signal path.

? Clean booster

A footswitch and a volume control allow you to add a second high-end amplification stage, upstream of the mix loop. This allows you to feed tracking, or overdrive/distortion pedals, with an adequate input signal. If the mix loop is not in use, the booster serves as an extremely clean solo booster.

? DI box

The Acouswitch IQ DI acoustic guitar preamp can be used to send an output signal directly to a mixing console or recording unit. The high-quality components and features of the Acouswitch IQ DI (high-end preamp, ground switch, pre / post signal processing switch, pad for output attenuation) in combination with the Lehle True Sound technology make this acoustic guitar preamp an excellent DI box, whether you?re using it at a live gig or in the studio.

? Line mixer

The Acouswitch IQ DI can also be used as a line mixer. To do this, the return socket of the mix loop is used as the input and the ratio of this signal to the signals coming from inputs A and B is adjusted using the mix control.

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