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Weber Mass LITE 100w

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MASS Lite with 100 watt rating. 8 ohms. May be used on 4, 8, and 16 ohm amplifiers. Includes MASS bypass, line out, extra output jack, and range switch. This is one of our most unique MASS units in that it has two power level controls, one for the bass-mid frequencies and one for the upper mids-treble frequencies. They may be adjusted independently for the best tone at all levels of attenuation. These controls affect the actual signal going to the speaker, not just a line out signal like in our other units. So, it is like having high level tone controls. The controls are very effective and the tonal combinations are virtually infinite. Because a MASS motor is employed, a more realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amp occurs. The attenuation is continuously adjustable from zero to over -70db using speaker control and the range switch. Like all Weber attenuators, setting the speaker control to minimum (maximum attenuation), allows the MASS Lite to be used as a dummy load for testing or for DI use. The Mass Lite does not have the full DI tone stack like the standard MASS 50 and 100.



A brief lesson on using attenuators:
Click the images for instructions.

Combo Amp

Head / Cabinet


A note about the power level:

You should select an attenuator that can handle at least as much power as your amp puts out.

Amplifiers are generally designed to operate clean, and most manufacturers specify the output power as clean power. When you run the amp full blast, the output devices actually become more efficient because distortion is not considered. Under those conditions, the amp may be capable of putting out as much as 50% more power than its rated clean power. Be aware of that when choosing an attenuator, because the idea of using an attenuator is to run the amp full blast into power tube distortion and then controlling the level going to the speaker. If you are going to dime a 50 watt amp, you should choose a 100 watt attenuator.



2, 4, 8, 16 ohms


0, 3db, and 6db treble boost
MASS bypass
Line out
Tone stack for line out
Tone stack bypass
Extra output jack
Range switch
All controls are on the front panel.
The MASS employs an actual speaker motor for the load to yield a realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amp. The attenuation is continuously adjustable from zero to over -70db using the speaker control and the range switch. By turning the speaker control to minimum (maximum attenuation), the unit may be used as a dummy load for testing or for DI use.

All of the complexity and variations in frequency response and impedance occur with the MASS since the speaker motor exhibits physical movement. Therefore, the MASS is just like connecting to a speaker, only the MASS is quiet.

Tone shaping networks are provided for DI and a continuously adjustable output is available to drive an external speaker.

Because of the unique design of the MASS, the speaker may be disconnected entirely when the MASS volume control is set at minimum. This allows the MASS to serve as a dummy load for testing amps, DI-only use, etc. The speaker output signal follows the loudness curve described by Fletcher and Munson. This prevents the tone from becoming flat as you reduce the power to the speaker. The MASS is a passive device, it does not require electrical power.

The Impedance Selector Switch changes the MASS between any four (2, 4, 8, 16) common impedances, one unit works with every amplifier/cabinet....

Important Note:
Connecting the MASS between the amp and speaker requires you to make or purchase some short jumper cables that are at least the same size wire as the cables you are currently using on the amp you intend to use with the MASS.

DO NOT use guitar cables, microphone cables, or other low level signal or shielded cables with the MASS or your amp's output, even for short term testing. You MUST use unshielded cable of the appropriate size for your amp's output.

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