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Victory V40C The Viscount Guitar Amp Combo

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The Victory V40 The Viscount is a beautiful 40w handmade combo amplifier that is small and lightweight enough to take from rehearsal to the gig and back into the studio without any trouble. Made to offer guitarists a single channel amplifier than can deliver nearly any type of clean sound you can imagine. The V40 when combined with a stacked pedalboard gives you a versatile rig that will fit into nearly any band though at the heart you will always have beautiful crisp cleans with light overdrive available on tap. Fitted with a singe Celestion Creamback speaker this speaker responds incredibly well to the amplifier and added pedals.

40w of Responsive Clean and Crunch Tones

With a single channel this amplifier is able to focus on just a couple of key sounds. You have two different voicings available in the V40. One which has a 60's warm American feel while the other is a bit more 50's sounding. It may not sound like a huge difference on paper but in the amp these subtle changes can make a big difference to your tone. With 40w of power you do not need to worry about your amp breaking up before you get to gigging volume.

If you want to drive it a little bit though you can absolutely do that. When the volume control goes past 2 o'clock you start to get softly driven sounds and it is not until you are near diming it that you get some real American style crunch sounds. American sounds not really your thing- Well do not fret as the V40 still has something for you. Engage the Mid Kick control and the amp goes into a slightly more 60's British sound that will crunch up a little bit earlier

A Little Extra Built In

It does not end at just being a phenomenal amp though. Victory have added in some amazing little touches and features that make this amp perfect in a wide range of situations. To start off this amp has a beautiful subtle foot switchable reverb built in that is great for adding a light ambiance to your sound. Probably the most important feature is the variable power stage so you can get output levels between 9w and 40w so even at home you can still use the same amp as you do on stage. For those that prefer 6L6 valves over EL34 you are in luck. The V40 can work with either EL34 or 6L6 tubes so no matter what your personal preference for tone is the V40 can handle it.

Pile On The Pedals

As we said this amp has just a single channel but in todays world of beautiful high end pedals that only get better year after year you really don't need anything else. You just need to set this amp up with your base sound of choice whether that is clean or dirty is your choice and then pile on the pedals. One of the main things Victory wanted this amp to be able to do was respond well to pretty much any pedal on the market. I would say that they have got it pretty much perfect in terms of its responsiveness to pedals.


Format: Single-channel, all-valve 40-watt head (The Duchess) or combo (The Viscount)
Power: 42, 7, 1.6, 0.5 watts RMS
Valves: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL34 as standard (switchable to 6L6)
Extra features: Two-position Voice switch, Mid-Kick switch, footswitchable digital reverb with hard bypass option, series effects
loop with hard bypass, power valves switchable to 6L6, single-ended mode, skeletonised metal case with rubber handle, padded
carry bag included, Includes single footswitch for reverb on/off
Speaker (combo only): Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 12-inch, 16-ohms
Size (mm): Combo: V40 The Viscount combo 425(w) x 465(h) x 255(d) (18kg weight)

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