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TWO ROCK Studio Pro 22 1x12 Combo in Blonde

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The Two Rock amps really sound three dimensional and big, but we felt there was something missing. When gain was set on full on the clean channel, there was no crunch. Not even the slightest distortion. We like to have the choice to have them break up just a little when pushed so you get that nice shimmer on top of chords and the natural compression, so we took them to amp jedi master Bjorn Juhl of BJF electronics.

When we had opened them up we adjusted overall EQ, gain levels and we feel the tone of these fabulous amps really improved. Bjorn used his ears and many years of experience to tune and tweak them to perfection. Kind of like a mastering engineer does with the mixes.

Come on in to the shop and try for yourself and own an amp nobody else will ever have.

Two-Rock Studio Pro amps take the sentiment of the upper end of Two-Rock's single channel amplifier range (the Custom Clean & Classic Reverb) and house them in a portable chassis with a little less power that makes them ideal for use in a studio environment, in rehearsals or at home - where you need breakup at a lower volume. As a result, the Studio Pro amps also happen to be one of the more affordable Two-Rock ranges making them just a little easier to aspire to when shopping for the amp of your dreams! 

The Studio Pro amp only has one channel but this does not seem to compromise its versatility. If you're a pedal person and you like working with single channel amps that have great tone and very little else, the Two-Rock Studio Pro could well prove very versatile indeed. The Two-Rock Studio Pro adds its own character whilst allowing the player's tonal palette to shine through. Thanks to a unique pickup loading feature, Studio Pro amps also offer a degree of compensation for the output difference between single coil pickups and humbuckers so you get the same sensitivity & responsiveness out of your amp, no matter which pickups you use. 

Like the other Two-Rock models which come with smaller chassis and 22/35 options, the Studio Pro amps could just as easily be used live with a mic and P.A. setup; so since the Studio Pro does come in 22w and 35w configurations, it's refreshing to know that you don't need to double up on amps to get that amazing tone on stage! It's all about whereabouts you want the amp to break up into overdrive. The 22w combo version will be a little easier to drive than its 35w sibling, and may be better suited to small spaces where excessive volume could damage hearing - especially for those who like a little bit of breakup at all times. The 50s-style blonde tolex finish is classy and typically boutique! 

Two Rock Studio Pro Guitarist Magazine Review
"We used the amp at pub gigs and it roars. Two choice stompboxes up front ... can create phenomenal sounds. It proves that if you start with the best clean tone you can find, add drive from quality pedals and play dynamically, you'll be rewarded with everything you've ever wanted from an amp." "With no pedals the Studio Pro is huge and clear, delivering tones that chime with super clarity... With a Strat's neck pickup it's instand Hendrix/Mayer/Vaughan - plummy bass and shimmering trebles; dynamic and utterly musical." 
"How much are you prepared to pay for the best tone you may ever have? This reviewer has himself forked out for a Two-Rock, so perhaps there's your answer." "Pros: Fabulous clean tones with great headroom and power; fine build. Cons: footswitchable reverb would be nice; that price is hard to ignore." "These little combos shocked us into submission; we can't get over how incredible they sound and how perfectly suited they are for their intended players." Neville Marten - Guitarist Magazine

Here's what Two-Rock say about the Studio Pro 22 Combo in Blonde
Best described as a "portable" Classic Reverb/Custom Clean hybrid, the Studio Pro offers ample clean headroom, dynamics, and a variety of tone shaping options. We've added a pickup loading feature, which optimizes pickup balance between single coil and humbuckers. Our stellar reverb circuit with send and return controls, contour control, and full buffered effects loop are standard on this amp.

The new Pickup Loading feature control has 5 settings. In the first position(fully counterclockwise), there is no additional pickup loading, with 4 additional settings available. Fully clockwise(last position) is full loading. Loading the guitar pickup(s) to varying degrees changes the impedance relationship between the pickup and the amplifier's first gain stage. Loading reduces inductive "ringing" in the pickup coils. The effect is a more controlled high frequency response and a reduction in high frequency artifacts produced when a pickup's magnets and coils feed back with each other, usually at or near the pickup's saturation point. The damping effect will also reduce the gain, which is normal.Tonally speaking, reducing these artifacts results in a cleaner waveform and an apparent lack of harshness in the upper frequencies.


22 watts, 2 x 6V6 
Pull Bright control 
Active Buffered Effects Loop 
Spring Reverb with Send and Return Controls 
Small chassis design 
Pickup Loading Feature 
Combo dimensions 15" L x 18" H x 10" D / Weight: 39 lbs
Speaker: Celestion G12-65 [Also available with G12H-75 Creamback, Celestion G12M-65 Cramback or WGS 12-65B. Please call to special order.]


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