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That New Pedal Company 70*s Overdrive

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Raio Tones & Circuits has encapsulated the legendary, vintage sound of the overdrive in this pedal.

The result of many hours of research and tests, this model recreates, to perfection, the original sound of those first overdrives from the 70s, the vintage sound that never really left. Completely analog, fully welded and assembled by hand.

Made with the best components in the market:

  • > Neutrik Connectors.
  • > Hammond Enclosures.
  • > Alpha Potentiometers.
  • > Yageo Resistors.
  • > Cornell Dubilier, Panasonic, KEMET, Vishay Capacitors.

"It's not a plexi, a blackface, a tweed or any other amp in a box. It's the 70's in a box. It really captured the essence of that era. Fantastic tones that come from it. I'm lovin' it. Every one playing 70's rock 'n roll and blues must have one of these! Congratulations!"

- 5/5, Thiago A. Aug 16, 2022

"Great overdrive pedal, very light, premium materials and it especially brights pushing the front of a already warmed amp. Now I prefer it better than my TS808 Handwired boutique Tubescreamer Great purchase!"

-5/5, Diego Cruz P. Jun 26, 2022

"Love supporting the guys who do it right. From great pricing, to ultra fast shipping, to an incredible unboxing experience - it’s on point from the start. The pedal itself is gorgeous. The sounds are spectacular. The headroom is superb. The voicing is spot on. The box is nothing else but classy and unique. The design and enclosure are simple and efficient. Couldn’t be happier. Galician musical power representing strong!"

-5/5 Santiago A. Aug 10, 2022

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