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Stohn Picks Standard Killer Red

Färg Killer Red
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Stohn Guitars are based in Atlanta, Georgia USA and are producing some of the nicest mineral stone picks available today! Their mission at Stohn Guitars is a simple one, they want to make you love music even more! And their quality, stone picks certainly help achieve that.

They are produced in batches from a range of mineral stones, and I have some from a recent batch which included three different materials!

Stohn guitars Stone picks have a warmed but defined tone. A modern take on the "classic" guitar pick.

3 models to choose from:

  • Stohn "Swamp" (Moss Agate) A classic makes a comeback with The Swamp. Those of you who've been Stohn players before may remember this one as "Swamp Thing". We decided to bring it back for another round!
  • Stohn "Slab" (Howlite) This pick has excellent grip and brings a texture to your tone like none other! If you like a pick that really grabs the strings, look no further! Perfect for pinch harmonics!
  • Stohn "Killer" (Brecciated Jasper) Dried blood on a piece of stone, what is more metal than that?!? The excellent glide of this pick will increase your playing speed, making you a shredding LEGEND!
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