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SoundSprinkler attenuator

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Let your guitar sing.

What impact does the SoundSprinkler have on the sound?

Room Capture Measurement of Soundsprinkler performed by WaveCapture Nov 18 2022.

In this test, the microphone was placed approx. 3m on-axis from a 12” speaker on the floor to avoid reflections from the floor, walls / windows. A so-called Ground-Plane measurement.THIN blue curve shows speaker without sprinkler. When measuring with G-P, the treble ends up off-axis so you don’t see much above 2kHz.THICK purple curve is with closed sprinkler. From 800Hz and above, the level drops 5-10dB *
Here, the mic was placed at the same distance but at listening height about 1m above the floor.THIN green curve shows the speaker without sprinkler. (You see a dip at 250 Hz due to floor reflection and also that there are extinctions above 1 kHz due to walls / windows.)THICK blue curve shows closed sprinkler. The sprinkler attenuates approx. 10dB * even above 2 kHz.
Same as above but with the sprinkler opened 30%. Slightly less damping above 900 Hz, about 5dB. You also see that between 500 - 900 Hz the level is about 5dB higher than without the sprinkler!What does 5dB / 10dB attenuation mean in practice? Closed SoundSprinkler attenuate the volume by 10 dB. Like going from 100 W amplification at full power to 10 W.Open 30%, the volume is attenuated by 5 dB. From 100 W amplification at full power to 30 W.

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