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Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner

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LED ringen på Turbo Tuner är ett riktigt stroboskop. Lysdioderna drivs direkt av den analoga insignalen och blir elektroniskt strobad, som visar den verkliga stroboskopeffekten mellan insignalen och en internt genererad referensfrekvens . Detta ger omedelbar respons och extrem noggrannhet (±.02 cents garanterad).

What is the Turbo Tuner?

  • A True Strobe Tuner
  • Easy To Read LED Strobe Displa
  • Super bright display, visible in direct sunlight
  • True Bypass
  • Extreme Accuracy
  • Fast note pickup
  • User Defined Open Tunings
  • User Defined Temperaments


The Turbo Tuner is a musical instrument tuner with the precision and features of the best strobe tuners, in a compact size at an affordable price.

A strobe tuner works by comparing the frequency of the note being tuned to a reference frequency. In a mechanical strobe tuner, this reference frequency is generated by a rotating disk with an alternating white and black pattern printed on it. As the disk spins, it is illuminated by a strobe light which is driven by the input signal. Differences in frequency are clearly shown as a rotating pattern in the disk. Even small differences in frequency are quite observable, giving a strobe tuner a distinct advantage over other types of tuners.

Unlike a mechanical strobe tuner, the Turbo Tuner is 100% solid state. There are no moving parts to wear out, and this makes it smaller and less expensive, and gives it a faster response.


  • A True Strobe Tuner in a Stompbox Format
  • Super bright LED display readable in direct sunlight
  • True bypass
  • Flexible Output: Muted output with quiet relay switching or signal passthrough (no mute)
  • Chromatic and guitar/bass modes
  • Fully programmable for alternate tunings and temperaments
  • USB port for ease of customizing
  • Extreme accuracy: ±.02 cents guaranteed
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum case
  • Dual power jacks
  • Made in USA
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