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Solid Gold FX Communication Breakdown

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NAMM 2020: Solid Gold FX has launched the Communication Breakdown, a dual fuzz pedal that hints back to the era of vintage Tone Benders, with some modern tweaks.

The pedal sports two main fuzz modes: A and B. Fuzz A is based on the Tone Bender MK1.5, but uses hotter silicon transistors than the original – matching the saturation levels we’re more used to today, and widening the range of the pedal’s sound.

Fuzz B is based on the Tonebender MKII, and preserves everything good and great about that snarling, saturated and compressed box of fuzzy wonder. But as an extra bonus, SolidGoldFX added its own JFET pre-amp to the equation in order to breathe more stability and tonal clarity into this legendary circuit.

The two fuzzes operate independently, with a footswitch each – allowing for blending of the two tones for a unique dirt sound, or for use as one of the fuzzes as a solo boost, and the other as a base rhythm tone.

Each channel sports the same controls: the self-explanatory Fuzz and Volume controls are joined by a Bias knob, which lets you vary the voltage sent to the circuits. Clockwise feeds in more voltage, meaning a thicker sound, while cutting the voltage leads to a more gated, glitchy fuzz.

Two three-way colour toggle switches also allow for further tone-shaping, to smooth off any brittle high end or add back in some treble if needed. The input toggle switches adjust the input attenuation of the pedal, making sure that it doesn’t misbehave when placed after other effects.

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