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Sinvertek Distortion No 5

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Read the Tone Report review from october 2015 here


We started the development plans of the Distortion No.5 in 2010.
The original idea came from copying the tone of a tube amp in a pedal.
We really love the distortion tone of tube amps, from dynamic to frequency response to picking attack. It is really inspiring and fascinating.
Some classic tone of many famous artists are all based on the distortion tone of tube amps. We have the experience of more than 5 years of research and development.
The early experiment were brought to the performance stage on trial, under the huge sound pressure, the performance of No.5 was far worse than the tube amps.
So, we did comparison tests between No.5 and almost all well-known brands of tube amp. Over the next years the design of No.5 was finalized.
The new design makes the No.5 infinitely close to the tube amp in frequency response, details of dynamic and playing sensitivity, that is, it make the No.5 more like the tube amp. Just choose a right clean channel, the No.5 can make you bring the tone you like to anywhere. Finally, we released the Distortion No.5 in the 2015 winter NAMM Show, and during the next time, the No.5 get so many good reviews from all over the world. Some famous reviewers and organization reviewed the No.5 in detail.


The panel of the No.5 looks complicated but in fact it is so easy when compared with the panel of the amp.
The No.5 has 6 adjustable parameters, GAIN, VOLUME, TREBLE, MID, BASS and PRESENCE.
These parameters are the same as an amp.
You can adjust the basic characteristics of distortion tone by using them. It should be noted that the setting of EQ frequency point is the result of neutralizing the frequency point of several top High-Gain tube amp heads (BOGNER, ENGL, MESA BOOGIE).
The EQ frequency point of them are very similar, and they are all designed for High-Gain distortion tone, so, the tone direction has been positioned. The dynamic range of GAIN knob is very large, so in the Low-Gain state with minimal amount of distortion, it will not occur so-called “”, the tone is very natural.
The Distortion No.5 has 3 toggle switches, GAIN BOOST(MODE), MID RANGE and TOP END.
As an amp channel distortion, increasing gain stage is very common practice.
You can select two levels of gain stage by using GAIN BOOST switch.
The MID RANGE switch is used to choose the mid frequency point which adjusted by MID knob.The different style of music has the different requirements of mid frequency, in this case, the choose of MID RANGE is very necessary. For example, in the riff tone used in the heavy music, the mid frequency points are generally low, this is in order to reach the function of filling and strengthening the low frequency, so this tone sounds more solid and strong; In the solo tone, generally, we want it is more wide and stereoscopic, in this case, the mid frequency point should move toward the direction of the high frequency.
The TOP END switch can add rich overtones to your tone, and it also can enhance the playing sensitivity. The TOP END switch will amplify the UHF, and then, evenly distribute them over all the strings. So the TOP END switch is not only can improve the high frequency on the treble strings, but also enhance the ones on the bass strings. This makes the riff tone more sonorous and forceful, and makes the solo tone more “”.
The frequency response of the Distortion No.5 is very similar to the tube amp’s. You won’t never hear the harsh high frequency when using the No.5. The allocation of frequencies is reasonable and natural. The match of the frequency structure makes unforgettable tone. The No.5 can catch all the details of your playing, regardless of the level of the playing or the slight adjustment of the knob on the guitar, the No.5 can carefully reflected all of these discretely. The response to the input signal of the No.5 is very quick and reacts really well  to the volume of the guitar



■ Real Tube Amp Tone Distortion Pedal Suitable for any style of music.

■ The Frequency Response Curves Perfectly Accordant with the Tube Amp.

■ The Touch Sensitivity and Picking Attack Perfectly Accordant with the Tube Amp.

■ The Perfect Dynamic Response Perfectly Accordant with the Tube Amp.

■ Design of Discrete Components Circuit and Frequency Response Network.

■ Two Distortion Level, Hi-Gain and Ultra-Gain.

■ EQ: Treble, Bass, Mid and Present.

■ Three-way MID Frequency Select Switch.

■ Three-way PICKING ATTACK Select Switch.


■ In Boost Mode, Bypass by double-clicking the footswitch.

■ Extremely Compact Appearance.

■ Relay True Bypass

■ High Quality Electronic Component

■ ALPHA Potentiometer and Footswitch, Taiwan Toggle Switch and Bakelite Knob.

■ Boutique Appearance: Golden Powder Painting and Three Color Silk Screen.

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