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Rocketfire Rockin *54 Strat Set

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This set is based on the first two years of Strat pickups from Fender production. These pickups are EASY on the ears and super creamy overdriven. The shorter 'G' magnet (than the later 50's - 60's stagger) yields a VERY smooth tone that is great for overdriven sounds. These are my 'session players' Strat pickup. They have an ultra ear pleasing tone that is especially great for crunchy rhythm parts! 


As a guitar builder, I've had the unique opportunity to try ALL kinds of pickups. I've used most of what's on the shelf as well as original vintage pickups that fetch $3000+ a set! Some of the old pickups had something hard to describe, but missing from modern pickups. They were lively, raw; gutsy, with soul that just sounded 'vintage'. I set out to break the rules on what 'couldn't be done', I began the quest to create something I was finally happy with. A huge part of the difference had to do with winding techniques and patterns. An equally large factor was the quality of the components (flatwork/bobbin construction, mag wire, and the magnets themselves). I took several samples of early Pre-CBS wire (From real deal vintage Fender pickups) and spent a LOT of time listening to and testing AlNiCo Magnets carefully sorting through suppliers until I found the best and most orignal and ALIVE sounding magnets. Finding these magnets was HUGE and what I consider a breakthrough in tone. The right parts, the right techniques are what make my guitars special... or as I like to call it... the Secret Recipe for my Guitars!

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