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Ramble FX Twin Bender v3

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Twin Bender uses the same circuit of the Sola Sound Tone Bender™ MKII Professional that Jimmy Page and many others have made famous, and adds several exciting features.

The Twin Bender is really 2 'Benders in one pedal, with a switch that transforms it into a MK1.5. MK1.5 mode uses one less transistor for less fuzz, and cleans up nicely with your guitar's volume control.

Twin Bender is hand-built ​with tested and matched NOS (new, old stock) germanium ​transistors. It also uses Mallory 150 capacitors and audiophile quality components selected for great tone and low noise.

Five Exciting Features Unique to Twin Bender

MK1.5 Switch

MKII mode has tons of fuzz with infinite sustain. MK1.5 moode uses one less transistor for less fuzz that cleans up nicely with your guitar's volume.

​Built-in Voltage Inverter

PNP Germanium transistors require opposite polarity power. Twin Bender has a built-in voltage inverter so that it can share a power supply with other pedals.

​External Bias Adjustment ​

Provides an easy way of fine tuning the NOS (new, old stock) germanium transistors.

Tone Switch

3-way switch with mids-enhanced and fat settings along with stock Tone Bender.

Impedance Knob ​

Turned fully up is stock Tone Bender. Rolling it back a little will greatly improve tone when used with a buffer, active pickups, wireless devices, wahs, etc. Turn it down more to reduce gain and unlock new fuzz tones.

Transistor talk

There's a reason why there is no place named germanium valley. Germanium transistors were short lived, quickly falling out of favor because of inconsistent electrical properties and expense. Silicon transistors proved to have higher gain and were much more stable and consistent. And they were cheaper, given silicon is readily abundant- there's no shortage of sand on Earth.

But we don't care about that, because some of the reasons that Germanium transistors are terrible for most other uses are the reasons why they make killer fuzz.
Ramble FX Transistor Selection
For the Twin Bender, we choose transistors that have very similar specifications and tone to Mullard OC75s found in original Tone Benders.

But it's a very long process...

The first step is buying them, which isn't always easy because these transistors have not been made for decades and most are located overseas. Most of the time they are only available in small batches, but we buy as many as possible, because in the next steps many will be found unsuitable for the Tone Bender circuit.
Next step is to test each one for gain and leakage. The ones that don't test good get tossed, and the good ones are sorted by gain.
The next thing to do is plug them into the circuit, one at a time, and actually have a listen to them. The ones that are noisy or don't sound great get tossed.

What is left are matched sets and will make amazing fuzz. This is how we get consistently great results. No phony mojo, just great sounding fuzz.

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