Pyramid Pure Nickel Classics Round Core Electric 011-048 - tgt11

Pyramid Pure Nickel Classics Round Core Electric 011-048

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Det här är något vi rekommenderar alla som bryr sig om ton att testa, en enorm skillnad om du har spelat på vanliga Nickel Plated Steel Strings. Ett old school fett sound men inte dovt utan fortfarande med twang. Rekommenderas varmt!!

PYRAMID Nickel Classics feature a “round core” construction instead if the commonly used “hexagonal core” construction found in today ́s strings. This return to the manufacturing process of the Fifties and Sixties results in strings which offer unbelievable tone and sustain.

Round core strings must be wound with special care, with selected materials and certain techniques to get the desired sound results. The high-quality nickel wire which is used with these strings has a purity of 99.2%. Both, the material and the skilled production technique are responsible for the unequalled tone of these strings.

A silky, silver-shimmering tone with unbelievable sustain. Certainly nothing for metal rockers but for tone hunters, instrumental music lovers, regardless of “clean” or “chrunch”. Also vintage guitar collectors will cherish the unbelievable sound of the Pyramid Classic Nickels!

Very important:

Please do not shorten (cut) the wound strings to the desired length, because the nickel wrap wire will get loose! The string will immediately go “dead”! At first make a sharp bend into the string, which will fix the nickel wrap wire. Then cut the string behind this bend to the desired length.

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