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Positive Grid BIAS Head 600w Powered Guitar Amp

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PÅ TGT11 var vi skeptiska när vi fick höra talas om Bias Head och erbjudande om en demo. Features, amp matching, inbyggt steg...vi hade hört det förut. Tills vi provspelade den i en 212 och fick känna hur det kändes att spela på och höra hur det låter. Om det inte hade känts som en riktig förstärkare hade vi inte plockat in den i vårt sortiment. Kom och provspela så får ni känna själva!

  • Enkel att använda
  • Amp matching
  • Impuls responser för högtalar simulering
  • För inspelning eller live 


The Positive Grid BIAS Head must be one of the most talked about guitar amps in years. After companies like Line 6, Kemper and Fractal Audio proved that digital guitar rigs can still deliver world class tone both live and in the studio newcomers Positive Grid are finally about to launch their first piece of hardware. It's been designed for guys who want to be able to get a great sound out of the box, but tweakers will really be able to get into the nitty-gritty by editing power amps stages and amp bias and practically anything else you can think of.

The BIAS Amp Pro Backend

BIAS Amp is a piece of software that has already been out for a little while. This plugin allowed you to adjust and tweak amplifiers to get the exact tone you want as well as match any other real world amp you have. This program instantly became a hit with artists like Tosin Abasi, Devin Townsend, Stef Carpenter, Olly Steele (Monuments) and more all putting their name to this system.

In this software (which is included with BIAS Amp Head by the way) you have access to lots of emulated amps from classic clean American amps to crushing high gain German tones. That is before you even get started with the Tone Cloud where you can access thousands of amp matches and presets both made by pro artists and regular everyday users. If you can think of a tone...it is possible with BIAS.

Just create the patches you want with the software and then save them to the amp via bluetooth from the iOS app or via the included USB cable from your computer. Then take your patches anywhere.

Now they have developed this software further and implemented it into a standalone hardware unit that you can take with you from gig to gig! No more setting up laptops, interfaces and other gear. All of that power is now in a regular guitar amp head.

No Latency

A number of people have recently been using the Positive Grid software live by plugging into an interface and laptop. This can cause many problems such as latency (Delay between when you play and the signal comes out of the system) and others like hard drives crashing and overheating. The Bias head takes out the middleman as you will have no latency by plugging directly in, and won't have to worry about your computer crashing live. And if you were using the laptop for Midi changes, you won't lose that feature because the Bias head has Midi In/Out and Through for all your midi needs.

It will intergrate perfectly with switching systems like the Boss ES-8 and ES-5 and even the Decibel Eleven Switch Doctor.

The Front Panel Controls

While the BIAS Amp program is really powerful and is certainly a great way to build your sound you can also adjust these on the fly using the powerful front panel controls. Without even using the app you have access to 25 different amp models, 5 different preamp tube emulations with a distortion control setting how hard you are pushing them. A 4 stage topology control, power amp soaking, rectifier switching and power amp BIASsing controls. And then that is on top of the regular gain, volume, EQ controls that you would find on any amplifier. You can even save all of these settings as different presets for quick switching and control.

600w Power Amp Built In

One of the biggest pains with a lot of digital units is that they still need an amplifier or at the very least a power amp to run into a cab. Positive Grid thought ahead however and included a powerful 600w power supply so not only can this feed into a regular guitar cabinet but also passive FRFR speakers depending on what suits you. It can be used into 4/8 and 16 Ohm cabs with ease too. Just plug in and play.

They chose a Class D power amp to ensure the cleanest possible signal to power the amp. Class D also doesn't colour the sound or add distortion to the signal so you know the software is really where you are getting your sound from. Positive Grid have spared no expense when choosing the components to put this together. So that they can provide you with the purest guitar tone possible.

Tone Quality

One of the reasons that Positive Grid BIAS was such a hit off the bat was the quality of the models. From vintage to ultra modern BIAS was able to cover all ground at a level of quality that matched if not beat almost all other guitar software available today. Match up this top grade software with some of the best hardware imaginable means you get 0 latency no matter where you setup. It also means the amp head can do great Bass head and Acoustic amp sounds too!

Here's what Positive Grid say about the BIAS Head

BIAS Head is a guitar and bass amplifier that accurately captures any amp tone in the world, including the cab and even mic position. You can safely connect your cab into its powerful Class D 600 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohm or 300 Watts @ 16 Ohm. With the included BIAS Amp Pro software, you can share and download thousands of amp match models and save them right in the head. Pre-order now, pay later, and save $200 off regular price plus FREE worldwide shipping. Be quick before they run out!


The world’s first cross-platform guitar amplifier, BIAS Head integrates seamlessly with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop use: you can design your custom amp and create Amp Match models in real time.


Amp Match technology precisely matches the nuanced tone of any classic, modern or boutique amp and loads custom cab and mic responses. There are hundreds of professional studio engineers and artists creating Amp Match models you can download.


Swap out the virtual tube types, preamp, tone stacks, power amp, transformer, cab and mic position to create your own signature sound, component by component.


Share your own custom presets, and download thousands of virtual amps created by signature recording artists and other guitarists around the globe via our hugely popular ToneCloud network.


Power Amplifier: 600 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms, 300 Watts @ 16 Ohms
Voltage and Frequency: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz
Dimension (H x W x D): 7.5 x 12 x 6 in. (314 x 190 x 153 mm)
Weight: 17 lbs. (7.7kg)
Instrument input: 1/4 inch, Hi-Z impedance
Effect loop: 1/4 inch, send and return
Headphone output: 1/4 inch TRS
Direct output: XLR balanced and 1/4 inch unbalanced
External Pedal: 1/4 inch TRS
MIDI: 5-pin connectors for In/Out/Thru
USB: Connect with BIAS Mac and Windows
Bluetooth: Connect with BIAS iPad and BIAS iPhone


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