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Pettyjohn Electronics Fuze Distortion/Fuzz

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Pettyjohn has spent the last few years positively honing its appreciation for overdrive pedals, hitting all the right notes—superb build quality, great components, original designs and just downright good tone. So when it came time to develop a distortion, you knew Pettyjohn wouldn’t mess around. And so it was written, and so the Fuze was born.

The Fuze tosses Pettyjohn’s hat into the ring of distortion and fuzz, creating a hybrid unit with plenty of options and sounds to discover. The crux of the Fuze is actually its smallest feature: the Mix knob. “Wait,” you might be asking. “How is a Mix control a game changer?” This particular Mix control isn’t a simple wet-dry knob.

The Mix control actually blends between the distortion circuit (Gain 1) and a fuzz circuit (Gain 2). Gain 2 is actually a toggle switch that delivers three carefully-curated clipping section for maximum wow-factor. The Mix control gives you pure, amp-destroying distortion when set to the minimum, and speaker-shredding fuzz when set to the max. Players who will use the Fuze as a distortion may want to set the Mix control just a hair above minimum to let some of that sag and ragged top-end come through, while fuzz players may want to add a touch of chordal definition to the mix by setting the knob the opposite way. There are several settings to discover here, and just within this interplay, the Fuze earns its keep.

However, the Lows and Highs control also deserve special mention. The Lows control sits before the massive dirt circuit to control the bass response before the distortion and fuzz get their dirty hands on it. This helps the dirt grind up more low end and lend bass frequencies some extra harmonics. The Highs knob sits post-dirt to restore any lost treble frequencies that are diminished as a result of the clipping onslaught.

Utilizing a premium build with equally-premium componentry, the Fuze seeks to replace anyone’s cluttered dirt section with one fell swoop.

Pettyjohn Electronics Fuze Fuzz features:

  • Unique Mix control mixes between distortion and fuzz
  • Three-way clipping selection for fuzz circuit
  • Pre-gain Lows and post-gain Highs knobs
  • Made in USA
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)
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