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Parasit Studio Super Arcadiator

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Want to make 8-bit sounds with your guitar or bass?
Then this is the pedal for you.

The Super Arcadiator is an insane 8-bit sounding fuzz. It does octave down, octave up, pulse width modulation and alternating octaves. The pulse width modulation signal blended with the octave down gives it a very retro game'ish sound that reminds of the 80's era of 8-bit videogaming. It can do also do ear-ripping octave up fuzz.

The Super Arcadiator:

  • 100% original design by Parasit Studio
  • Hand built, numbered and signed
  • Neutrik jacks
  • True Bypass
  • Requires a 9V DC adapter (no battery)
  • Arcade buttons!
  • Expression pedal input jack (for LFO speed)


Before buying the Super Arcadiator you should know that some adjustments to your setup and playing style is recommended to get the most out of this pedal: It's recommended that you use the neck pickup on your guitar with the treble rolled off. It will increase octave tracking and sustain. It works best with high output pickups.​

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