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Old Blood Noise Endeavors launch Split | Meld

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Split | Meld - Passive Stereo-Routing Utility Device

A discovery born out of necessity, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Split | Meld is a practical non-destructive way to manage parallel dual-mono and stereo signal paths and adds to the OBNE line of pedalboard friendly utility devices.

As a routing solution that splits two sets of stereo TRS to dual mono TS signal paths (and vice versa), this little passive box of tricks is an ideal route for parallel signal paths in a myriad of creative ways.

Especially useful for stereo pedalboards and setups with devices that have TRS stereo inputs & dual-mono outputs, Split | Meld can also be used to make use of a pedal’s TRS effects loop, without the need to fiddle with TRS splitter cables that often can be poor quality and get in the way.

No power supply is needed here – simply connect and go.

Main Features:

  • Simple stereo TRS to dual-mono TS splitter / combiner for pedal boards
  • Practical routing solution for use with stereo pedalboards and setups
  • 2 x TRS to dual TS jacks
  • Passive electronics – no power needed
  • Useful for many situations:
  • Splits stereo TRS signals to two mono TS signals
  • Combines two mono TS signals to one TRS stereo signal
  • Replaces TRS splitter cables when using TRS FX loops of effects pedals
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