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Morgan Amplification PR36 Head

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Looking for Good Clean Headroom?

Take Morgan's popular PR12 combo, inject it with extra headroom, then pack it into a compact head — that's the PR36 in a nutshell. This guitar amp head features the same custom Mercury Magnetic transformers and 6V6 power tubes as its smaller counterpart, delivering sparkling highs and chewy lows that harken back to the American amps of yore. A cathodyne phase inverter maintains a slightly squishy feel that's sure to put a smile on your face. On top of that, the PR36's tube-driven reverb produces gorgeous ambience without washing out your playing. The PR36 takes pedals like a champ, supplying good clean headroom without sacrificing feel or tone.

Classic American amp tones in a boutique head

The 36-watt, Class A/B, fixed-bias Morgan PR36 head delivers big tones reminiscent of '60s American combo amps. The custom-made Mercury Magnetics transformers give the PR36 more bass, headroom, volume, and punch than the original vintage amps. Let's put it this way — the PR36 is one of the loudest clean guitar amps we've heard here at Sweetwater. And the powerful 2-band EQ dials in the perfect tone for any gig. Whether you play blues, rock, country, or jazz, the PR36 tube amp head has you covered.

Tube-driven reverb offers lush tones

Get more out of the PR36 head's reverb with its Dwell control. The all-tube reverb circuit and spring reverb tank deliver the classic sound you know and love. The Dwell control adjusts the decay of the reverb to taste. You can dial in deep, lush reverb that won't mask your guitar tone.

Simple controls unleash a wide tonal range

You can tell that Morgan products like the PR36 tube amp head are made for hard-gigging guitarists just by looking at them. The simple control set conceals a surprisingly wide range of tone, but you'll never have to waste time turning numerous knobs to get the right sound. Even if someone carelessly bumps all the knobs out of place, it will only take seconds to get your tone back.

Morgan Amps PR36 Head Features:

  • 36-watt, American-voiced tube amplifier head with reverb
  • Extremely touch sensitive at any volume level
  • Custom USA-made Mercury Magnetics transformers for boutique-like sound
  • Cathodyne phase inverter maintains a slightly squishy feel
  • Perfect for recording studios and smaller venues
  • 8-ohm and 16-ohm outputs accommodate a wide range of cabinets
  • Fixed baffle design allows the entire cab to resonate
  • 3-spring tube-driven reverb adds gorgeous ambience to your playing
  • Reverb runs parallel to tone stack and stays out of the circuit when not being used
  • Dwell control adjusts the reverb's decay
  • Rugged, road-ready, baltic birch construction with dovetail joints


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