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Mad Professor Bluebird OD / Delay

1995,00 :-
Lagerstatus: I lager


Mad Professor’s Bluebird Overdrive gives you everything you need for soaring leads in a single, compact pedal. The Bluebird is infused with an extremely touch-sensitive, dynamic, amp-like overdrive that responds very well to playing attack and your guitar’s volume knob. As an overdrive pedal alone, the Bluebird has the makings of an essential piece of gear—but Mad Professor didn’t stop there. There’s also a delay effect in the Bluebird. Internal trimpots allow you to set the delay time, repeats, and tweak a bass boost/cut. The delay knob on the face of the pedal controls the mix of the delay, so once you have the trimpots dialed in, you can bring the delay in and out as needed. With the Bluebird, you have everything you need to give your leads that singing, soaring tone the lets you jump out of the mix.

Mad Professor Bluebird Overdrive Features

Controls for Volume, Tone, Distortion, Delay
Internal trimpots for delay times 1 & 2, repeats, bass boost/cut
9vDC power jack/9v battery operable


Artnr: 2624
Lagerstatus: I lager


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