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Klotz La Grange Gold 4,5m STR-R/A Instrument Cable

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The Klotz LaGrange Guitar Cable is an award-winning guitar cable designed to provide a fast response and incredibly detailed sound for a variety of different guitars and amplifiers. A triple shield design ensures maximum protection against unwanted interference and the LaGrange cable has an ultra-low capacitance of 65 pF/m. The connectors of the cable are both gold-plated, unbalanced 1/4-inch male jacks.


Gerald Weber, master of vintage sound and head of Kendrick Amps sums up the theory behind the cable design:

"The German engineers at Klotz have rethought guitar cable design. Instead of using the standard ‘center conductor/insulation/shielding’ scenario, which is used by virtually all other cable manufacturers, Klotz adds a conductive plastic material in between the center conductor and the copper shielding. Of course, this conductive plastic is insulated on both sides from the conductors (center conductor and the shielding). The conductive plastic is not connected to anything electrically, so it is not a path to ground. The electrons on the copper shielding cannot "see" the center conductor through the conductive plastic shielding and the electrons on the center conductor cannot "see" the copper shielding through the conductive plastic shielding, so the electrons are forced to go all the way to the amplifier''s input rather than "jumping ship" across the cable. How does this affect tone? The signal getting to the amp is the same signal that came from the guitar, resulting in noticeably longer sustain, more focus, and better clarity. The clarity is particularly noticeable when playing close voicings, such as a major 7th or a minor 9th. But most of all, it lacks the filtered sound found in other cables."

Bob says: The LaGrange was loud and punchy, with a full range guitar spectrum that was well balanced. The mids were well-detailed and highs very present without being strident. Good picking attack transients combined with excellent sustain. Definitely a cable I could listen to for hours.

Dan says: The LaGrange has a big bottom and clear top, nicely detailed with super transient response. The traditional diameter cable is a bit stiff and coily, but not really a problem. The built-in strain relief of the Neutrik plugs should help this cable last a long time.


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