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JHS Pollinator Fuzz V2

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The JHS Pollinator is a germanium fuzz box that pays homage to the classic Fuzz Face with some upgrades to make the pedal more versatile. The JHS Pollinator starts out with a matched pair of AC128 germanium transistors for a true vintage tone but from there JHS has increased the headroom by about 3 times. This eliminates the low output volume of the original design and adds low gain versatility without being too low of volume.

The headroom increase also adds a new palette of available tone at any gain level by having the ability to push a tube amp into overdrive in addition to the fuzz for creamy textures that the low output original cannot duplicate.

The JHS Pollinator has also added an external Bias control for adjusting the transistor bias voltage adding another layer to the already versatile tone machine. By adjusting the bias a player can get just the right amount of power to the transistors or back it off for a more gated, raspy tone. The JHS Pollinator is an extremely versatile take on the classic Fuzz Face design with tight low end and crisp highs and modern upgrades that meet today's guitarists' exacting standards.

JHS Pollinator Features:
True Bypass
Matched AC128 Germanium Transistors
3 Times the Headroom of the Original
External Bias Control
Standard -9vdc Operation (no batterie

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