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JAM Pedals TubeDreamer Supreme

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The TubeDreamer Supreme is a TubeDreamer 72 with a high gain stage accessible through a toggle switch, with a few new cool features :

– Dry-wet mix function, that allows you to blend the overdriven signal around your fundamental clean tone. The overdrive is “dressing” the signal rather than altering it, achieving greater note-definition and dynamic articulation.

– Accessible through a second foot switch, the second new feature is a “not-so-clean” but very guitar-friendly boost that retains the open, harmonically rich sound of the TD Supreme without compressing it. It also functions as a stand-alone boost, essentially turning the TD Supreme into a 2 in 1 pedal.

– Signal-chain-toggle-switch to pick which of the two pedals comes first in the chain.

– Internal trimmer for adjusting the minimum level of the boost.

They will be available to ship early to mid April.

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