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HTJ Works Ventura OD Black

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VENTURA's overdrive is based on the TS808 circuit, but by combining it with a completely different circuit, you can use it in a wide range of tones.

It also has the ability to easily operate several types of circuit modifications (MODs).
The main tone is finished with HTJ-WORKS, and the final seasoning can be done by the user to create a unique sound.
There are three main controls, and the concept is to intuitively operate and play, so you can change the settings and use them without any problems.
The VENTURA has plenty of gain, but it's an elegant drive sound that doesn't get buried.
It is a sharp tone that stands out from the TS and has a strong presence.
The appearance is simple and high-class, and adds gorgeousness to the pedal board.
VENTURA is a product that can be recommended for all guitarists.

-Product features-
Uses high quality operational amplifiers that are highly rated in the audio industry. It is a handmade finish with particular attention to detail, such as capacitors used in amplifiers, silver mica, gold-plated terminal jacks, and DALE metal film resistors in appropriate places.
-Main MOD functions-
・BASS boost control (top)
・HIBOOST distortion adjustment (internal trim)
・4 types of clip switching (VENTURA clip, TS clip, SD-1 clip x 2 patterns)

・Size approximately 62 x 118 x 39 (excluding protrusions)
・9~18VDC adapter drive
・9V battery powered type
・True bypass
・White LED indicator lamp
・Product specifications and parts may change without notice.

Delivery time is 1 week to 10 days for made-to-order items.

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