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HTJ Works Magic Tune OD Black

1596 :- Ord. Pris (1995 :-)
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The MTO, which is an introductory model of HTJ-WORKS and has professional quality functionality despite its low price, has been renewed with a major change in appearance!

The main tone and functions can be used in the same way as the previous one without any changes.

MAGIC TUNE OD (MTO) is a pedal that pursues a sound inspired by Black Face's MAGIC 6 tone.

The design concept is a model that has the same effectiveness and performance as a high-end boutique pedal, but is a handmade model at a lower price.

Mainly by reviewing the production process, it is a handmade product with low cost specifications. We can recommend this product with confidence in terms of quality and tone.

Various controls
・GAIN Drive amount adjustment
・LEVEL volume adjustment
・TREBLE Adjusts the high range
・BASS Adjust the low range
・Mini trimmer (center)
Adjusts the outline of the overall tone. Please use this as a final fine-tuning.
・Mini switch
2 types of VOICE change
Right: MAGIC TUNE OD's original sweet and smooth drive sound
Left: SRV tone with sparkling edges and firmness

It has been popular for a long time, and you can visually judge the switching between 2 modes using the LED color. In normal mode, the center LED lamp changes to BLUE and the other to RED.
We devised a design to make it easier to handle on a dark stage.

Basic specifications
・Size approximately 62 x 118 x 39
・9~18VDC adapter drive
・Can be powered by 9V battery
・Through bypass structure
・Blue & red LED indicator
・Product specifications and parts are subject to change without notice.

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