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Fulltone CS Mini Dejavibe MKII

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Fulltone has modernised its acclaimed Deja Vibe pedal. Identical to the MkI version in terms of features and functionality, the Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe CS-MDV MkII pedal is built within a far more compact enclosure, meaning that you can save precious real-estate on your pedalboard!

Designed to emulate the iconic sound of vintage Univibe units from the 60s, the Mini Deja Vibe is a convincing recreation of the originals, but provides you with the ergonomic flexibility that you'd expect from a contemporary pedal.

Legendary Sound:

The Deja Vibe has two mode switches that allow you to adjust the overall sound of the pedal. The Vintage mode combined with the Chorus delivers that legendary liquid-y phased/chorused sound - popularised by Jimi Hendrix.

Modern mode offers you a little more output with a more pronounced low-end “throb”, so that the full frequency range of your guitar and amp can be retained. You can achieve some leslie-style tones with the Vibrato mode, giving your guitar some gentle to extreme warble depending on how you set the Intensity and Speed controls.

The pedal also converts the 9V power to 18V, which is what the Univibe ran on. This means that you get all the broad headroom and range that the original allowed, getting you an even closer sound.

Compact and Pedalboard Friendly:

The Deja Vibe Mini can easily be added to your pedalboard. Fulltone have made sure that the input and output jacks are mounted on the top of the pedal, so it can fit snug between any pedals with no annoying positioning caused by protruding side-mounted cables.

You can also insert almost any expression pedal into the input on the back, which gives you control over the Speed of the effect. So no matter which mode you’re in, you can place the pedal in heel down position for some subtle movement or push it forward for some super wacky modulation!

Here's what Fulltone says about the Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe CS-MDV MkII Pedal:
The 2018 CS-MDV mkII...the world's smallest (3.9" W x 4.1" L x 2.3" H ) yet biggest sounding "real vintage Univibe clone."

Is it better than the larger silver CS MDV-1 that it has replaced?

No, it's the same, only much smaller, retaining the expression pedal out jack should you need it, and still with no ICs and using only full-size Capacitors throughout the entire audio path! It's 100% Analog.

You need 13 transistors, 4 x glass photocells, a real & correct incandescent light bulb, and 30 years experience...you need the Fulltone CS-MDV mkII.


  • 30% smaller enclosure than older MDVs, still with top-mounted jacks for tight spaces.
  • Now has MUCH slower and MUCH faster available speeds (than all older Fulltone vibes) achieved by replacing the standard Speed pot with a Fulltone designed & custom-made Photoresistor, while retaining the original Univibe's unique Analog Oscillator circuit and 100% analog warble feel.
  • Has a linear ramp up of the Speed knob (and external pedal).This is the bummer about older Deja'Vibes, other clones, and original Univibes: the speed controller has a spot where everything happens, making it hard to find the right speed. Problem-solved with the mkII.
  • It has an External Pedal jack allowing the use of virtually any expression pedal out there, whether it has a 10K, a 50K, 100K, etc potentiometer. As i mentioned previously.
  • It has twice the available volume as any vibe clone, assuring that you don't get bogged-down in the mix when you kick it on...without being bright and cold sounding, and a super-low output impedance so it is not affected by pedals that come after it and shines with the dirtiest of amps!
  • 100% correct Vintage Univibe analog circuit with no opamps in the Audio path, still using 13 discrete transistors, still the Fulltone Proprietary glass lens/ hermetically sealed photocells with correct incandescent bulb.


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